Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 01 - Page 4

Oorsig/Review Soil, Grass and Rumen Health How do these relate to Extensively Grazed Cattle Herd Health? Willem A. Schultheiss Mobile: 082 323 7019 E-mail: Introduction Calving percentage is still the most common parameter by which extensive beef cow-calf producers measure their herd efficiency. The difference between a 90% and a 75% calving percentage in a 50- and a 500-cow herd, respectively, on the same grazing area is obvious, but not always recognized. Therefore, the most important and accurate parameter by which beef cow-calf herd efficiency is measured is the Profit per Hectare allocated to the beef enterprise. Sadly, this parameter is seldom measured on a year-on-year basis to assess ongoing farm performance – even if it is easy and not labor- intensive to do so. Profit per hectare takes into account all of the three highly inter-linked main systems or profit centers that influence the ultimate profitability of a beef farming enterprise, notably: • Healthy grass yield per hectare through pro- active pasture management decisions and a good understanding and attention to soil health • Healthy beef yield per hectare through selection of the ideal frame size and year r VB&7FfP@FV6627F6rFV6G( 2v6VBF&W&GV7FVff6V7( "7W7F&RrFW&77W&VB6RW V7F&RvVfVBBf&&R67G2&P7V'G&7FVBg&F2fwW&RR2VgBvFFP&fBW"V7F&R6VFv6FWFW&֖W2w&72fƖvPVF26VG&F'VV֖7&&VF@VFFVǒFFRFW6&VBWF6W2f"V6bFRF&VR&fRVB&WFW'2F20&&ǒ&V6W6R֖7&&&FV&GV6V@FR'VV2V"FV֖6@66FFBVWG2FR&WV&VVBf 'V֖B6v6gV7F2FBVBFf6ǒ7W7F&R'W6W726RbFRWF6W2bVF'VV&RF6V6R&W67F6Rw&wF7FF@&W&GV7FआVF60VF6FW&R2&WBBRF2`֖7&&ƖfRFR36F6W"FW6R֖7&&W2VW62&W2B6