Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 01 - Page 25

Volume 22 • Issue 01 • 2018 COLOSTRUM AND CHOLESTEROL IN HUMANS - A FEW INTERESTING FACTS Because heart disease resembles an autoimmune response in this way, colostrum’s PRPs can help limit the severity of the disease by toning down the immune system’s attack on damaged heart tissue. In addition, the other immune factors found in colostrum can directly combat the Chlamydia bacteria. Finally, IGF-1 and GH in colostrum can lower LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL cholesterol concentrations. Colostrum growth factors promote the repair and regeneration of heart muscle and the regeneration of new blood vessels for collateral coronary circulation. Both milk and colostrum contain hypotensive factors, called ACE inhibitory peptides (casokinins and lactokinins), which decrease blood pressure and lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.98,99 The calcium found in milk and colostrum also contributes to lower blood pressure. Recent research suggests that cardiovascular disease may be caused in part by alterations in the patient’s immune system. One study indicated that 79% of patients with heart diseases had a certain type of Chlamydia (an intracellular parasite closely related to certain bacteria) associated with the formation of plaque in their arteries. The PRP in colostrum may be able to reverse heart disease in the same way it counteracts allergies and autoimmune diseases. In addition, the growth factors and growth hormone in colostrum appear to lower the blood levels of “bad” cholesterol while raising the blood levels of “good” cholesterol. These growth factors also repair damage to heart muscle and support the growth of new blood vessels in the part of the circulatory system that surrounds the heart. The Successful use of Advertorial Algotherapy in Dairy Cow Production Dairy cattle experience many different stresses throughout their life. It starts with the stress of birth and continues with weaning, vaccinations, movement from group to group, weather changes, and the stress of high production. These stressors often upset the normal balance in an animal’s body resulting in various kinds of metabolic disorder or disease. Good cow comfort along with digestive efficiency, digestive welfare, and strong immunity can provide improved production with less disease and reduced need for antibiotic treatment. Olmix is a French marine biotechnology company that has been exploring natural ways to help animals be healthier and more productive. Scientists at Olmix have turned to 25