Reverie Fair Magazine - Page 9

The fashions of 1800’s Europe and America were richly detailed and dramatic. Women wore corsets that made their waists tiny and bustles that exaggerated their backsides. Skirt hems brushed the ground, draped over structured hoopskirts that made women’s lower halves look like great ruffled bells. Elaborately decorated hats, fans and parasols were as common then as rubber banded ponytails and facial piercings are today.

Wardrobe is a vibrant part of Steampunk culture, maybe because the 19th century styles that Steampunk emulates are so very different from anything we see people wearing today. Who wouldn’t love to spend a day in a Victorian ensemble to fit her personal style? That is what lovers of Steampunk do. Around the world, at fairs, conventions, concerts, parties and other gatherings, people from all walks of life take on an alternate identity, dress for the role, and escape from the Information Age for a few hours, a day or a weekend.


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