Reverie Fair Magazine - Page 42

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providing a great creative outlet where kids can get out of their shells to flesh out their characters, theatre helps children develop voice and purpose in a way that allows them to feel like a valued member of the group. Studies show that the critical thinking and soft skills gained from theatre are useful in every aspect of life, from personal to work and everything in between. And whether you’re on stage or on the other side of the footlights, theatre is a humanizing art that can change us for the better.

When did your own children start getting involved in the company, and how are their roles/experiences different from each other?

Fortunately, my three kids have all been involved with Marquee and have enjoyed growing with the theatre. My oldest son, Devin (12) has done 13 shows. He’s enjoyed playing quirky character types and comedic roles in plays and musicals. He is currently in his 14th show at Marquee playing the foreman in our upcoming production of Les Misérables, School Edition. It is different from many of the roles he’s played in the past. My middle son, Bryan (10) loves the drop-in improv class on Mondays and gets a kick out of comedic plays, and the playwriting workshop. He generally prefers straight plays and is currently in his 7th show, playing a flaky dwarf named Flighty in our upcoming one-act, Princess Who. My youngest, Violet (4) can’t wait for her opportunity in the spotlight. She has been in a couple Budding Stars musical theatre workshops, but she, too, is setting her sights on being in a show soon!

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