Reverie Fair Magazine - Page 32

new life springs from roots in rust

We weren’t sure what kind of home décor art would be fitting for an issue themed Steampunk Spring. The two words made for a contrast in imagery that was fun to visualize. But we couldn’t seem to find creations for the home that were both at once.

Then we discovered Roots in Rust. We weren’t sure what to call these works of living art. Sculpture? No, sculpture is not

alive. Gardens? Terrariums? Not really. No dirt.

Zsuzsanna Bardu’s pieces are diverse, and suited to a wide range of home décor styles. But they all begin with air plants. The ability to thrive without soil allows them to be incorporated into unique works of living art. What you see on these pages is Zsuzsanna’s Industrial Collection.

When we saw the delicate wisps of green curling through chunks of heavy metal, we knew we wanted her for The Nest.

Roots in Rust

Organic Planters, Terrariums, Home Accessories