Reverie Fair Magazine - Page 29

Creativity is a response

Captured in the slightest moment

Found paper repurposed

Providing inspiration

Compositional studies in a sketchbook

Stand the test of time through the mystery of connection

Torn and cut edges deam the entrance of visual fragments

Painting and drawing tools connect on the surface

Commitment and passion fused with heat, while each item willing secures any uncertainties

Exploring, evolving, experimenting

Reacting to it all and a relationship is formed.

Nature continues to be a vital influence on her work. “I think what inspires my work is the emotional connection to ourselves and our environment. I seem to be on a quest to fit things together... I turn to nature as most of us do for the spiritual guidance, the calm and peace it brings.”

“I collect different papers, old book pages, maps, engineer plans, nautical maps. Then I altered magazine pages and make stained tissue paper in a wide spectrum of colors. I call this building the palette. All the papers are then coated with polymer medium, which when dried and heated with a tack iron will fuse together. I was coating my paper with mat medium from the start, mainly to preserve the papers from each other because of the acid content. When I learned about coating them with polymer medium from Jonathan Talbot, everything went together so smoothly I’ve continued with this process. I even added more to it by adding drawing mediums, like wax crayons, pastel pencils and watercolor pencils. I find with collage there’s no brake; I have the freedom to use all mediums and collage as one. Sometimes I even use a sewing machine and sew the papers together to have the wonderful repeated pattern of the threaded stitch.”

When I first started off, I took advice from books and other artists and joined art leagues that had gallery space. The LaGrange Art League had a studio classroom, gallery space and framing services. After being

there for a year, the artists heading up the place asked me if I wanted to teach. I was stunned and wasn’t sure if I could do it. Alla Jablokow said to me. “Just teach what you know.”


address: 5the Avenue 10001 NYC New York