Reverie Fair Magazine - Page 28

Maecenas ipsum ALIQUAM


I don’t look at the work of Laura Lein-Svencner as much as I sit in the presence of yearning at really seeing Wide River or study As the Crow Flies like a map to a quickly fading dream. Her collages and assemblages reach into the memories of my childhood when I would spend hours constructing worlds to mentally reside in from objects around me (Creative Lifeline).

So it is no surprise to find out she has been doing this since she was a child. “When I was about five years old I remember sitting on the floor in the living room coloring many pictures for my little sister Patty. She had Spinal Bifida and couldn’t crawl so I would come to her all the time as she sat in her leg braces. She has since passed but the smell of the paper, crayons and her are a very strong memory. Academically, I had some struggles in school. Now they call it Dyslexia but back when I was in school they didn’t really sponsor any help with it so I found that by drawing I would have an area to shine, where I could foster my own skills and self-esteem.”

Laura discovered collages at a local art studio in her college years and never looked back, gradually working assemblage into her skills and interests. “I like that I can move in and out of the materials at will and sometimes combine them together. I have an agreement with myself to never go stale and to be an artist to the day I die.”