Reverie Fair Magazine - Page 22

A series of unfortunate personal events ended my enrollment in that college, as well as a couple of other failed scholarly attempts. Finally, in 2000 I enrolled in Ohio University and met some amazing teachers. I had originally intended to be a sculpture major there, but after taking a couple of painting classes and meeting the two best teachers of my college career(s), Guy Goodwin and Christine Hiendl, I was on board as a painter. Christine was the recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship the year I was in her class (a big deal) and I really respect Guy as a teacher and a mentor. Both Christine and Guy were

Real, Live New York Artists who respected my work and gave me the inspiration (curse) to think that it's okay to be an artist. Someone has to do it. They also taught me that the definition of a painting can be very

broad, including sculpture, shadow and sometimes not paint at all. I got my BFA in Painting from Ohio

University in 2003.

While I was studying painting, I was involved in the ceramic department as well. I finally got my chance

to study wheel throwing from Brad Schweiger. Finally I learned to use a potter's wheel, and after a few classes made a dinner set for eight. I don't mean to make it sound easy, it wasn't. It was one of the hardest

things I've ever learned to do. I'm still learning, and making mistakes every time. I would have double-majored in ceramics and painting had I not been so eager to finally graduate from college. (It had been over 10 years and three colleges since high school; I was ready.)