Reverie Fair Magazine - Page 10

Cornelia Hess helps them to do that. She is a master tailor who specializes in historic women’s clothing. For over 20 years, she has designed and created costumes from past eras: Medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan and Civil War, as well as Victorian. She works from her rural home in Germany, a country where tailors spend years in formal training and apprenticeships to prepare for their profession. Her parents are also professional tailors, so it’s safe to say Cornelia has been in the business all her life.

"I started practicing with a sewing machine when I was 4 years old in my father’s shop, and the first real garment I made was a regular coat with pockets, lining etc. for my dolls when I was 6. "

Steampunk Decadence is Cornelia’s design label. Through her Steampunk Decadence website and store, Cornelia’s clients engage her to create stunning costumes like the ones you see on these pages, as well as the hoopskirts and crinolines that give such highly specialized garments their unique shape. Her clients are from all over the world, too.


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