Reverie Fair Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 24

Carly had the theme for this issue a year in advance. No one knew how prophetic it would be in our lives, especially hers.

She was drawn to the simple meditative qualities that stones represent, but they also embody strength. It is this quality, along with a terse line of resilience in her mouth that graces our cover as the

photographer becomes the model. It wasn't supposed to be this way.

There were the last few months in which the joys of first time motherhood were tempered by the health issues of both mother and child, the kind of life events where you feel like the rug is pulled out from under you several times a day and invisible punches to the solar plexus strike out of nowhere. This is when family and old friends circle tightly to distract and feed you, but they can’t be with you all the time. Even the closest friend will have to go to work or needs a shower. And in those moments when you are alone, you call on God, gods, Allah, Asvins (Hindu Gods of Healing), Buddha, any source of power that will give you the endurance and strength to keep going without going mad.