Reverie Fair Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 16

Laura graduated in 2006 from ACAD with a degree in ceramics. Working as a teacher, she passed on her knowledge and love of the art, and gradually collected what she needed to start her own business. In 2009 she launched her practice under the name White Owl Ceramic Studio. Currently living and working in Calgary, Alberta, her signature work is hand thrown, hand painted porcelain tableware. She is also open to custom projects and enjoys the journey of bringing people’s creative visions to life.

We were initially captured by her Birch collection. The themed series includes a variety of cups, vases, and other tableware, including delicate twig-like ceramic spoons. We love the way the pale white-glazed porcelain glows when lit from inside, or when light shines through it, as when it sits on a table in the sun. We asked Laura about her inspiration. She had just returned from skiing in the back country when she communicated with us. It was not surprising to learn that she is inspired by the winters in Canada.

We were excited to hear that she is working on her next signature series, also inspired by the natural beauty and power of her country. She calls the series Winter Forest, and it will contrast the white of the snow with parts of the forest that stay green even in the deep of winter, insulated by the snow.

Watch for this new line of White Owl Porcelain on her website. We will be.