Reverie Fair Magazine Winter 2016 - Page 11

"i didn't know any better,

so i made what felt right."

She eventually took a class and learned how to hammer and solder sterling silver rings, bought a Dremel drill press and joined a local group of artists called Eastside Pop Up. Erin believes one of the benefits of being self-taught was that she wasn’t constrained by using tools in conventional ways. “I didn’t know any better, so I made what felt right.” She sells her jewelry in bazaars sponsored by her artist community, as well as creating custom pieces for friends.

Erin Miller sees the world with a jeweler’s eye. She may sometimes order specific pieces online, but the thrill isn’t the same as seeing something on the ground, be it stone, sea glass or animal bone, and envisioning it as a piece of jewelry. She knows stones, how to read their stories of the past, how they can serve as memories of a particular time in life, and Erin loves that she can use that philosophy to create memorable, wearable treasures for people.

Find her at her at Etsy or contact her personally to ask about custom pieces.

Find her at Etsy: Stone Seamstress or contact her personally to ask about custom pieces.

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