REVEAL Q3 2017 - Page 11

he had created, and the session was a hit. She actually just got married in May and I had the privilege of shooting her wedding and watching her grow up. “A huge blessing of when you become someone’s photographer is getting the pleasure of watching them or a family change and grow from year to year.” Lydia says she’s tried all kinds of photography, including business headshots, realty, lifestyle and others, but she loves portraits, events and weddings. “What’s fun about portraits is that I get to help them pick out outfits that best display their personality; we often do hair and makeup, and I get to know this stranger on many different levels and hopefully make a friend,” Lydia says. “With other professions, you often don’t have that ability so I really appreciate those moments.” She says her favorite part at events is capturing moments the participants might not even know were happening, and giving her clients the ability to re-live those moments over and and over again. Of course, weddings also come with a certain level of challenge. “Weddings are so much fun, but can be so incredibly stressful at the same time,” Lydia says. “The stigma that people have around wedding photographers is that we charge way too much. What those people fail to realize, and something I have to often explain to potential brides, is that I work with FVvW&Rg&Ч6F2FGvV'2&Vf&RBgFW FRvVFFrF( ФǖF626^( 2&66ǒ( 6( f VƖr62FWG2B&RF7vW &FVW7F2&WBFw2ƖP'&FW6G>( G&W726"FVFǐB2BFVFFRW'667VFF2VvvVVB6G2'&F'G&G2B&R( 2vVFFrFw&W"gFVfBח6Vb&Vr'&FW6Bg&VBvVFFrW"B6VRv67FFǒ62FvFR'&FR@W27W&R6R2VrF2FR`W"ƖfRBB7G&W76rfW"f֖ǒ W( ǖFW2( WfVgFW"FPvVFFr( 7VFr&FVǐ"W'2&VB6WFW"VFFr( FVƖrvFVRv&PVFǒGF6VBFFRWFW&R7VFr6&RFVFp&V6W6RRvBFVF&RvFFR&W7VB'WB( fRV&VBFW7@FRBRF6BFRBF@fW&Bח6Vb( ХFRv&ƖfR&6R7V7B0RbFR&FW7B'G2b&VrFw&W"2B6g&WVVFǒ&RgFW"ֆW'2BvVVVB"FBW0B&BF&&FRf֖ǒBg&VG2ǖF626RVFG2GW&rFRF@gFVFRBvBBG&W2F66VGVP6G2GW&rFRvVV"vVVV@&w2vV76&R( uFR7FvF@VRfP&VBvVFFpFw&W'20FBvR6&vPvFV6vBF6RVPfF&VƗR@6WFrfPFgFVWFFVF'&FW22FBv&vFFVvW&Pg&6F2FGvV'2&Vf&PBgFW"FPvVFFrF( Ю( t( fRfVfRvFrVRfVV&VWFgVvV&RFWFF( BFFWvW&R( 6R62( vFFw&vWBF6rVRFRBFRvআrFW"VRB6VRFV( ТǖF6WvV$UdT2#p