REVEAL Q3 2016 - Page 5

from the ladies of ASC W Elcome to the Atlanta Social Club!!! We are so excited to share our Atlanta Social Club (ASC) Magazine, Reveal, with you and the world! In sifting through content ideas, we decided that our first letter to you would be about the history of ASC. We’re sure many of you have heard different iterations of how the ASC was born. And since we have grown to 1,200 members, we wanted to take the time to talk about it in this first issue. IT STARTED ON BUMBLE BFF We connected on Bumble BFF. We were the same age, we had similar interests, and we lived pretty close to each other. We also realized we had swiped right on many of the same women. After a couple of failed attempts to hang out, we decided to coordinate a brunch so we could finally meet, and invited ten other girls from Bumble BFF. Inevitably, this simple brunch turned into a nightmare to coordinate with a few venue changes and last minute cancellations. We were the first two to arrive at the brunch at The Lawrence on March 19, 2016 and within the first minute of meeting, we decided we needed to create a closed Facebook group to plan the next event. Three other ladies showed up and thought our idea was cool. The next day, the Atlanta Social Club was created. We went from five members to 300+ members overnight. That’s when we knew we had something special on our hands. The women of Atlanta wanted to make new friends. It was clear. We agreed to get organized, so we could truly help facilitate meaningful friendships. And since it is so important to us that all of our members understand and know what the objective of ASC is, we wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate our mission. OUR MISSION When we sat down to develop the mission for ASC, we knew everything we did needed to be, first and foremost, based in friendship, and our events needed to be focused on one or more of our three pillars: Happy - Healthy - Helping. “Developing meaningful and lasting relationships between women in Atlanta that benefit our community by providing opportunities for friendship, promoting health and wellness, and dedicating efforts to charities.” WHAT WE’VE ACHIEVED • Connected 1,200+ women in Atlanta • Organized social, friendship building events in the newest places around Atlanta • Set up health & wellness events, such as yoga, hikes, and barre classes • Offered opportunities to volunteer for organizations that give back to the Atlanta community We have celebrated great success since March 19, bringing women together that would have otherwise never met. We hope that you continue to engage and plug in to one of our many social outlets, be it happy hours, work outs or volunteer opportunities. We love meeting you and hearing your stories! We are growing everyday and we hope to continue to cultivate new relationships by putting Friendship First in everything we do. The Atlanta Social Club was purely organic in nature when we started it and its success is due to nothing but word of mouth marketing. We owe our success to you all. Again, welcome to the Atlanta Social Club! We look forward to meeting all of you and connecting soon! Sincerely, Ash & Eleni Co-Founders Reveal | Summer 2016 5