REVEAL Q3 2016 - Page 21

rewarding hearing messages and seeing success stories from people who have been touched or motivated by my message. Most of them were people I wasn’t even aware I was helping. So just know if you are sending out energy with the intention of helping others it is working whether you realize it or not. What are the challenges of being a motivational speaker? Having the courage to speak your truth and trusting that the people you are here to serve will show up. Any time we start something new it is always scary. But it’s supped to be that way, it is just part of the process and part of growing. You have to start somewhere and there is never going to be a perfect time. What is it like writing for HuffPost? What have you learned from writing for them? It is so exciting and such an honor. This is a perfect example of how doors really just start to open with you align with something bigger then you! I have learned that when you are sharing a message of hope and inspiration the universe will partner with you and help you in so many ways to spread that message! What are the three words you live by? I choose love! I believe we have a choice everyday how we want to perceive the world. You can choose to see things through the eyes of fear or the eyes of love. It isn’t always easy, but it will always bring you back home if you know and trust that there is purpose in everything that happens, even if it doesn’t seem like it a the time. I also believe that the more you choose love, the more love and happiness you attract into your life! Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a Life Purpose Leader? Maybe some one who has been a mentor to you? Why and how did this person impact your life? Well there have definitely been many! 2 of the most important ones who had extreme affects are probably Oprah, (I love her show Super Soul Sunday!), and my now friend and mentor Gabby Bernstein. Oprah helped me to see how far one can go when aligning with her purpose. The fact that she started an entire network so she could spread the inspiration that she chooses made me see anything is possible. Gabby taught be to be unapologetic about my mission and my success. She made me see that we are all desperately needed in this time of transition that we are all going through right now. She taught me that the brighter I shine, the ore I will inspire and awaken others to do the same! What is the next event that ASC member can attend? I am thrilled and excited that I will be hosting an Event on Thursday August 25th! It will be 5 easy steps to attract more happiness and freedom into your life! Click Here for More Details. Reveal | Summer 2016 21 CLICK HERE to order Musings of an Earth Angel