REVEAL Q3 2016 - Page 19

The Pursuit of Happiness An Interview with Suzanne Adams By Ash Serrano Author Suzanne Adams, who is best known for her book, Musings of an Earth Angel, talks to ASC about what is means to live a Life with Purpose. Suzanne, you are an accomplished author, blogger, motivational speaker and life purpose consultant. How did you get your start? I first got my start by learning about life purpose. When I realized that we all have a very specific and unique life purpose everything changed for me. I couldn’t understand how I had gone my entire life without becoming aware of this. I was at a rough time in my life where things just weren’t working out for me. Everything was falling apart in my life and I couldn’t figure out why. It was as if the universe was smacking upside the head so I would be forced to listen. Once I realized there had to be a better way and that I could no longer just go through the motions of life and continue to fill the empty void in my stomach, I committed to allowing transformation. I did a ton of soul searching. I learned all about energy and how important our energy is to attracting our hearts desires and I gained clarity on my life purpose. Once I had clarity, I was a woman on a mission. I did so much deep healing inner work. I hired life coaches, went on retreats, went to workshops anytime I could, watched inspirational videos galore, and studied under those who had accomplished what I was trying to call in. I did whatever it took to get my message out and align with my purpose. I committed to connecting to a greater power and joining forces. I was no longer making everything all about me, and that is when doors really began to open! How do you define Happiness & Freedom? Great question! To me happiness and freedom means when you are in a state of flow and allowing. You are clear on what it is you were born to do and you know that you are on that path and no matter what, no one can take that away from you. It means that you have let go of caring what other people think and are finally happy with things the way they are because you know so many better things are on the way. It means being free from all the conditions and things that have been placed on you telling who you should be and what you should be doing with your life. It means finally getting to know the real you and the truth of who you are. Where do you draw inspiration from for your books, blogs and speeches? I draw on a few things. Definitely from life experiences, from my imagination, and probably mostly from my connection to God and the divine. I always say praying is asking and meditating is listening. Once you finally start listening to the whispers of your heart and your own inner guidance system it is amazing how much inspiration will continue to flow through you! Tell us a little about your latest book. My book that is currently available is titled Musings of an Earth Angel, and is the first book of a magical a