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BRILLIANT BUDGETING Let’s face it, we can’t live in a fantasy land anymore. To truly have the best summer possible, the first step is to have your financial *ish together. I’ll admit, I wasn’t always a fan of budgeting, but with MINT, I’ve learned to embrace this “adulting” concept and actually enjoy keeping on track with all my goals. Hardest part is getting started, so don’t wait another minute. You will thank me at the end of the summer! FABULOUS FITNESS The next step to a fabulous summer is feeling good about yourself! We can all use a little help staying motivated on our fitness goals. With BVDDY, you are matched for ‘fitness dates.’ The guidelines call for moderate to light aerobic physical activity for 150 minutes each week, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week, including strengthening exercises twice weekly. As the numbers show, the older we are, the worse we are at staying fit. Also, join the ASC Healthy Group to find an ASC buddy! T S M U V E HA PS AP PLEASURE PINNING I couldn’t forget to mention the holy grail of apps in my book. No night in, glass of vino or summer fantasy would be complete without PINTEREST. Remember a few years ago when that movie, “The Secret” was all the rage? Imagine if this movie and the Pinterest developers had a baby, well this is just like that only BETTER! Go on, I dare you, envision your biggest, seemingly unattainable dream. I’m sure that after a few self-indulgent moments, that the vision board of your highest fantasy can become a beautiful vision you create, just before your eyes. LUXE LOANERS Girl, let me let you in on an industry secret. You know all of those perfectly positioned instas and candid shots of celebs in the front row at every fashion show? Well those celebs don’t actually OWN those outfits. All that matters is that you manage to get a few shots working a room in the night’s look. Now you can too! Forget R2R — ARMARIUM has upped the ante granting access to red carpet-worthy gowns for a fraction of the price. Have an upcoming gala event, hot date or just want to look hot for a night? This will be your best secret weapon! (You’re welcome) By eph e Jos Gaëtan 8 APPS TO HELP YOU SURVIVE THE SUMMER We all want to have an amazing summer! Whether you are planning an amazing vacation or sticking around Atlanta, here is my MUST HAVE apps for this summer,! PRETTY PICTURES Now that you have your clothes and summer all planned out, your next step is to snap a photo to post! (pics or it didn’t happen!) PHOTOSHOP FIX puts professional Photoshop editing tools in a friendly mobile interface so you can quickly repair or refine any image, anywhere you are. Heal, smooth, liquefy, lighten, and make other edits and adjustments to your photos to get the precise look you want. Don’t forget to post any pics you take with ASC members and tag them! REVEAL | Q2 2017 6 CUTE COMPANION Looking for someone to share your summer with? (Besides your ASC bffs, of course!) On May 23, the newest dating app will be launching in Atlanta, THE LEAGUE. We all deserve to find love and this app promises an ‘intelligent match’ by selecting a vetted group of humans that uses LinkedIn or Facebook to verify. The app promises the ability to select education level, neighborhood, height, religion, and candidates who are attractive enough to look good in black-and-white photos. Definitely keep an eye out for this app launch! SUMMER STAPLES I initially discovered POLYVORE while creating collection mood boards for a client a few years ago. At first, use was limited to desktop only, but since they’ve incorporated an app, I just can’t stop myself from devising my week ahead in style! The app makes it easy to create a guideline for future shopping lists as well. The most recent versions allow you to not only share sets with friends, you can even make in-app purchases of items that are sometimes much harder to find out in stores on your own. Who has time to window shop anyways? Score! TREASURED TEXTS Now we’ve established that you’re stylish and financially savvy — but, duh, you’re more than just a pretty face! Before GOODREADS, I barely gave any love to iBooks or the Kindle app. Not only does goodreads keep track of books you have already read, it also keeps tabs of your must-reads and makes suggestions based on that. The app even has a social element so you and friends can share book reviews and keep each other motivated. Don’t forget to join the ASC Book Club too!