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from the ladies of ASC W E ARE ONE! So what does that mean? From the beginning, ASC’s mission was founded on three pillars—social, health, and philanthropic. For a year now, we have seen literally thousands of friendships grow from a numerous variety of outlets. By constantly striving to reflect our motto of “friendship first” in all that we do, ASC has worked to provide multiple platforms to facilitate our members’ abilities to connect to each other and our community. farming for better crops; has built over 800 efficient stoves to protect lung health; has produced a sustainability curriculum that is used in hundreds of Guatemalan schools, and has started dozens of micro-businesses. We are excited to partner with them and help them to continue their work, making the world greener. It’s hard to believe that it’s been one year—on one hand, it’s overwhelming to think back on all the events we have had, ranging from casual hangouts to black tie charity events, on the other, it seems like yesterday that the club was only a few hundred members. Even though we are approaching 3,000 members, our carefully planned events cater to our diverse membership and provide opportunities to connect on so many different levels. With events such as trivia nights, calligraphy and painting classes, team health challenges, pool parties, charity projects, book club, comedy shows, hiking—there is truly something for everyone! NEW GUIDELINES REMINDER In keeping with our mission and procedures, we have posted the official ASC guidelines in a welcome letter that is now sent to each new member. It is also posted under the files tab on the private ASC Facebook page for all members to reference. With so many members, it is imperative that everyone follows the basic rules and also becomes familiar with features of the page such as the ability to search keywords to find previous posts before asking duplicate questions, locating the special roommate document under the files tab, periodically checking the events’ tab for new events, adding friends to the club and inviting them to events. It is our goal that each ASC member makes at least one new friend in celebration of our one-year anniversary. We are therefore encouraging members to reach out and connect with other members over the summer and attend our anniversary party! THE BIG BASH To celebrate our first year, we are throwing a big party on Saturday, June 3, 2017, at Red Brick Brewery. Details will be posted on ASC public Facebook page in the coming weeks—be sure to LIKE our public ASC Facebook page to get updates on all public events. ASC’s Anniversary will be a coed event, open to the public, so invite everyone for a fun day at the brewery! GROWING TOGETHER AND PLANTING TREES! Reflecting back on a year of growing friendships brought us to partner with a local charity, Alliance for International Reforestation (AIR), for our one-year anniversary. AIR’s Mission is to implement educational programs and agro-forestry methods in Central America in order to protect water sources, prevent mudslides, reduce erosion, prevent lung disease and provide more nutritious crops while protecting the Earth. Our anniversary event, therefore, highlights how our social efforts also serve to provide philanthropic benefits. By simply coming to hang out with your friends on a Summer Saturday at the brewery, we will directly support a local charity that positively impacts the world! AIR’s team has planted over 4.2 million trees by hand in Guatemala and Nicaragua; has trained almost 3,000 families in sustainable In this issue of REVEAL, we would like to introduce everyone to Dr. Anne Hallum, Founding President of AIR. You can learn more about her work and the charity we will be benefiting on page 28. WHAT WE’VE ACHIEVED • Connected nearly 3,000 women from all over Atlanta • Organized a variety of both small and large-scale social events around Atlanta • Set up health & wellness events, such as yoga, hikes, and barre classes • Provided a support network to members’ health initiatives including healthy eating and fitness • Offered opportunitie s to volunteer for organizations that give back to the Atlanta community • Supported charitable causes through donating to nonprofit organizations and raising awareness • Partnered with local and global brands to raise awareness of our private club We have celebrated great success since we started, bringing women together who would have otherwise never met. We hope that you continue to engage and plug into one of our many social outlets. Please come up and introduce yourself at the next event you attend! ASC’s success is completely dependent on our wonderful members and friends, and we appreciate each and every one of you! Yours in Friendship, Ash & Eleni Co-Founders REVEAL | Q2 2017 5