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P am S hellie Pamela was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe but now calls Frisco, TX., home. She attended private all-girls Christian schools from the age of six until she relocated to the U.S. at age 17 and began her undergrad at Michigan State University. Pamela is passionate about health and fitness and is a certified TurboKick instructor. Her favorite sports are being field hockey, boxing, squash, tennis and running. She is also internationally certified as a business analysis practitioner; and is a CFA Investment Foundations certificate holder. Pamela believes her calling is to empower young adult women through financial literacy. An Army brat growing up all over, Shellie decided to call Atlanta her home 12 years ago. After 10 years in the service industry and a degree in early childhood education, she decided to follow her passion of cosmetology. Apprenticing under some of the top stylists, around Shellie is now a balayage color specialist at Aura Hair & Makeup. Besides hair, Shellie has a passion for cooking, music, and spiritual health. Shellie is the mother to 6-year-old, Maxwell and will be married this fall! Age? 28 Occupation? Business Analyst/Project Manager From? Frisco, TX Neighborhood? Midtown/Old Fourth Ward How would your friends describe you? “Pamela is extremely driven, she is not only a dreamer but a doer. She is a genuine, authentic person who is full of passion!” - Noelle Corum. What is your favorite midnight snack? Green grapes. What is your go-to karaoke song? I don’t sing in public...ever... you couldn’t even pay me to do so. Why did you join ASC? As a productive and fun means of connecting with like-minded, ambitious young women in the Atlanta area. Age? 30 Occupation? Hair colorist/stylist From? Atlanta Neighborhood? Roswell/East Cobb How would your friends describe you? Passionate, sassy, loyal & always dancing! What is your favorite tv show? Girls What is your favorite spring activity? All the festivals around the city! Music & art especially Why did you join ASC? To meet other young professional women and hopefully have some amazing fresh faces come sit in my chair so I can create some art on their hair! INTERESTED IN BEING FEATURED IN REVEAL? EMAIL ASH! REVEAL | Q2 2017 39