REVEAL Q2 2017 - Page 38

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT B rit M eeky Brittany was born and raised in Columbus, GA., with no intent to move. January 2 of this year, she woke up and decided to become a city girl. A week after she decided to make the big move, she already had a job offer and accepted it. So, now she’s officially a city girl! Obviously, there’s a little spontaneity and spunk in this one. She’s an oncology nurse studying to be a nurse practitioner...but in her free time she likes to run the Beltline, explore new restaurants and hang out with her girlfriends. Brittany loves to get dressed, curl her hair and go, go, go! Atlanta Social Club has been a lifesaver and has opened many doors for her. After 12 years in corporate, Meeky is pursuing her passion for legacy-building and opening her Agency on May 1, 2017 in Vinings- Atlanta, GA. May 1 is a significant day for Meeky and her family, because this is also the 29 th anniversary date of when Meeky’s father took a leap of faith and immigrated her family from South Korea to Tucker, GA. Meeky graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Economics. She loves spicy cuisine (especially Thai), orchids & calla lilies, and snorkeling. She is an active member of the Junior League of Atlanta and is passionate about serving her community with volunteerism. Meeky and her husband Nathan will be celebrating three years of happy marriage in August. Age? 27 Occupation? Registered Nurse From? Columbus, GA Neighborhood? Buckhead How would your friends describe you? Well, when I asked them...“You’re a work hard play hard, fun, gets along with anyone, loves to run, bad bitch.” “Brittany is a great friend with an awesome career. She’s always the life of the party, but she’s not above drinking wine from a box” “adventurous and outgoing. Never turns down a good time and is always the life of the party. She’s also a smart, professional and compassionate nurse.” What is your favorite tv show? The Bachelor What is your favorite spring activity? Brunchin’ Why did you join ASC? I wanted to meet other girls to experience life to the fullest with especially since I’m new here. Age? 35 Occupation? State Farm Insurance Agent From? South Korea is my motherland that gave me birth, culture, passion, and identity. The United States is my fatherland that gave me life, opportunity, diversity, and the pursuit of happiness. Grew up in Tucker, GA & Lilburn, GA. Neighborhood? Smyrna/Vinings How would your friends describe you? Dependable friend with unquestionable integrity, quality, and courtesy. Well-composed with proper posture. The Go-To gal for finance & insurance questions. What is your favorite tv show? Game of Thorns & This is Us What is your favorite spring activity? Walks with my husband to enjoy the weather. Why did you join ASC? Connection with new friends & ability to do amazing activities with like-minded ladies who happen to be interested in the same activities. I was recruited to ASC by member Kate Kantarovich. It’s been a wonderful chain of building friendships! By being a part of ASC, I’ve met incredible women and also learned how to write in curly letters and design a flower arrangement! Nowadays, we must be intentional in our efforts to build and maintain friendships. ASC provides the avenue for women to connect and share ideas and find commonality amongst diversity. REVEAL | Q2 2017 38