REVEAL Q2 2017 - Page 28

AIR’s Mission is to implement educational programs and agro-forestry methods in Central America in order to protect water sources, prevent mudslides, reduce erosion, prevent lung disease and provide more nutritious crops, while protecting the Earth. AIR’s team has planted over 4.2 million trees by hand in Guatemala and Nicaragua; has trained almost 3,000 families in sustainable farming for better crops; has built over 800 efficient stoves to protect lung health; has produced a sustainability curriculum that is used in hundreds of Guatemalan schools; and started dozens of micro-businesses. AIR, Inc. has won international awards from CNN Heroes in 2011;“The National Arbor Day Foundation”; Instituto Nacional de Agricultura y Bosques (INAB); and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2013. REVEAL | Q2 2017 28