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REFRESH FOR SPRING Secrets from an Interior Designer led to e e thril We ar Jaime to th r ado me s o s lc a e b w m rand A k for ASC B Please loo rand ! team ther ASC B lp he d o her an ssadors to hat a t b ll Am te a lso, aviga you n to offer. A e as f th h o C ll S a A h ct wit conne ies via FB! lad By Jaime Roberts S pring brings about outdoor entertaining, fresh flower cutting, and cocktail sipping on the patio – and lucky for you – I’ve just revamped my home and I’m here to share some of my top secrets for getting your home ready for spring. You’ll soon learn that it doesn’t take a million bucks to freshen up your space – just a few key elements, some mixing and matching, and a little bit of love. Who knows, maybe you’ll follow in my footsteps and be the next entertaining guru, and if that’s the case, I’ll expect an invite. PLANTS My obsession lately are fiddle leaf fig trees. Mine is named Frida [yes, I named her]. I struck gold when I found her at a Lowe’s in the clearance section for $8. Although you may not be able to find a deal quite as good as mine, shipments come into Pike’s on Wednesday’s and you can get the best selection and one the size of mine for around $40. If a green thumb isn’t in your future, try bamboo, a cactus, or succulents. These are foolproof plants because they only need to be watered once a month as long as you don’t live in a basement – but remember, OPEN your blinds because these babies need sunlight. IKEA has the best deal in town on succulents: just $3 for the larger ones. Grab yourself a salad bowl (from IKEA or your favorite thrift store), potting soil, some succulent’s (I also mix in a few that cascade over the sides from Home Depot or Pike’s) and plant them for a lovely centerpiece that will look fresh all season long. DIY I am a huge do-it-yourself enthusiast because you end up with items that are unique that no one else has, it’s cost-friendly, and it makes for good conversation. My favorite pieces that I’ve made lately are these wire beaded champagne flutes and my knobbed carafes. Do yourself a favor and pick up some cheap glasses from Home Goods, 20-gauge wire and beads from Michael’s, and make these lovely pieces. It’s super easy, with the only real tools needed being needle-nose pliers and wire cutters, and sit down with a few girlfriends for an evening of crafting. The beads go a long way, and mixing and matching colors is fun, too. Just be careful when you’re looping the wire around, because if you lose your grip, your glass will come crashing on the table leaving a mess, so sitting on a carpeted floor can be useful, too. For the carafes, purchase a few from IKEA for $5 each, screw in your favorite knob, and finish with a tied-on tag of what’s inside. My knobs are antiques, but you can easily find pretty ones in the sale section of Anthropologie. REVEAL | Q2 2017 24