REVEAL Q2 2017 - Page 23

TINDER NEIGHBORS MATCH UP Dating Site: Tinder I matched with a guy on Tinder and he messaged me casually “hey, what’s up?” For some reason or another, I didn’t respond (too many matches, too little time ya feel me?). A few months later he messaged me again because I “liked” his moment on Tinder. He caught my eye this time because of the double message and because I noticed his Tinder profile said “less than 1 mile away.” So I messaged back and said, “Do you live in (name of my apartment complex)?” So forward of me lol...He said yes and that he lived in building 2, I lived in building 1! I was definitely interested and the next day we met up at my apt, I was having friends over for a casual pre-game before we went out to Buckhead bars and invited him and his roommates to come over, too. To my surprise, they did, and Tinder dude and I hit it off immediately. The next day we went on our first date, Waffle House, and then later that day went to the Braves game. Since we were neighbors, we saw each other every day after that. A year later moved we into an apartment together and it’s awesome! Even though I like to think we would’ve maybe met each other anyways since we were already neighbors, I’m glad that Tinder brought us together. ~ Swipe Right on Mr. Right TINDER DATE OR BEST GAL PAL? Dating Site: Tinder I was greeted with a flamboyant “HEY GIRL!” And then a question of how I could go out with my nails not painted. The conversation went well, until it was insisted he knew who I voted for – all in friendly banter – of course...right? He went in for the kiss, got my skull, and twirled away saying he had a blast. What just happened? ~ Sincerely Confused HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS TO MY DAD? Dating site: Tinder I met a really sweet guy on Tinder who told me that he worked as a voice actor. I thought it was interesting but didn’t really press for more details until we met up. Turns out he is a YouTube star who plays video games for his 8 million subscribers! Shortly after we started seeing each other he followed me on Twitter and then his fans started following me despite him never mentioning me on his page! It was a little strange. I also really struggled with how to tell my friends and family that I was seeing a guy who played video games for a living despite the fact that he was making six figures! Overall I couldn’t handle his life in the spotlight so we went our separate ways but it’s definitely an interesting story to tell my girlfriends over happy hour! ~ Princess Georgia Peach WEEK LONG FIRST DATE Dating Site: Tinder I matched with this guy on Tinder, I was in the middle of a tinder binge and looking for fun (and maybe free dinner), but I vividly remember swiping this guy, I mean he was riding on a horse! We matched and started chatting, he was in Denver (used to live there) for business. He asked me to dinner and I said, “I don’t do dinner but we can grab a drink!” It’s always important to have an exit strategy, never commit to dinner with a stranger. Anyways, he got the flu and canceled. He went back to Montana and we continued to text all the time, I had just quit my job and had 3 weeks off before my new job started which I was moving to NYC for a month for training. I came to ATL to visit my bestie and said to Montana, “you seem great but I don’t want to have some emotional relationship with a stranger. If you’re ever in Denver let me know, if not best of luck!” Well he took it upon himself to drive 13 hours to take me to drinks in Denver. Drinks turned into dinner, we went to his hotel and the next day, we went bowling and he took me to a Garth Brooks concert, we ended up having a week-long first date, and as soon as I left for NYC for work, he followed me there after a few days and we had a blast in the city for a