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and lows of ownership, the ethics and decisions that it requires you to stand by, and everything in between,” she says. “I call him almost daily for advice; he’s not only my mentor, he’s now our CFO!” Lindsey’s efforts have been getting noticed lately, with plenty of shout-outs on high-profile social media and quoted recommendations in travel magazines. However, she says the achievement she’s the most proud of is landing on the 2017 Wendy Perrin WOW List. “Wendy is a highly respected travel journalist who hand-selects specialists across the globe for their areas of expertise,” Lindsey explains. “After months of being tested, which were some of the most difficult times that eventually refined me as an agent and business owner, I made it onto her list as their 2017 Caribbean Trusted Travel Expert! She selects team members largely based on their type-A personalities (which she says is incredibly important for dealing with high-end travel), as well as their genuine passion for the people that they’re serving. To keep the team on the same page despite being in different locations, they use a virtual office environment app called Quip, which allows them to share stories, ideas, files and more. “The biggest challenge is not having that natural osmosis and relationship that tends to occur when you’re working with someone in person,” Lindsey says. “I’d encourage any business owner to work on identifying their core values!” This is incredibly important to her company culture, as she’d previously had a challenging experience working at another agency. That frustrating transition drove her forward in creating an ethical, transparent company within the travel industry. “The negativity around this transition revved up my drive to focus even more on my success,” Lindsey explains. “That kind of adversity can either hold you back or catapult you forward — it was the fuel I needed to help me grow.” Epperly Travel prioritizes those company values, which Lindsey and Lindsey was also lucky to have family members who encouraged her to step into entrepreneurship: Her father owned and sold a chain of successful tire stores, and shared his experiences with the family on a daily basis. “As I was growing up, we would have nightly her agents use in determining how and who they do business with. conversations around the dinner table about all things business: The highs REVEAL | Q2 2017 10 “I’m thrilled by it all — I think so much comes with putting good out there and doing the absolute best you can for others.” “I love being able to give people a road to success and, seeing how my assistants have flourished in the job, it absolutely ignites me to carve out a career path for them that they might not have sought otherwise.”