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Aly Merritt is a former copy editor with a residual addiction to journalism . She is currently a product manager at SalesLoft , and sporadically blogs at www . AlyintheATL . com .

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An Interview with Erica Key Founder , Eating with Erica By Aly Merritt
There are some people who like routine . They go to the same places , see the same people , and eat at the same restaurants .
Erica Key is not one of those people .
Erica is a fan of changing it up and trying out new things , especially with new cuisines and restaurants . In fact , in her early 20s she dined out so often , and at such diverse places , that her friends and family lovingly began to call going to dinner with her “ Eating with Erica .” And a stint at DiningOut Magazine only expanded her interest in the industry -- and her palate .
“ I ate at restaurants that were originally outside of my comfort zone . I witnessed how essential the chef is to a restaurant ,” Erica says . “ And I learned about all of the other nuances of the restaurant industry .”
In 2013 , these experiences led to Erica starting a food blog , Eating with Erica , which has since grown to be a premier ATL online foodie destination . She has a column in Hype Magazine called “ Food Stamped ,” is the Vice President of Outreach and Partnership with the Association of Food Bloggers , is a brand ambassador for Zaxby ’ s , and has partnered with sponsors such as Double Cross Vodka , Bath and Body Works , Le Grand Saint Vodka , BonFun Spirits and more .
To get to this point , Erica firstly had moral support from friends and family . She calls her father a “ serial entrepreneur ” who ’ s consistently backed her goals . “ I ’ ve always wanted my own business ,” Erica says , “ so he really gave me the encouragement and push I needed to see this thing through !”
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