REVEAL Q1 2017 - Page 5

from the ladies of ASC WHat we have in store in 2017 This quarter, we wanted to focus our letter to you on some changes you will see within ASC soon. You will find these changes to be beneficial to your experience in the group! ASC has impacted so many lives and we want to make sure we are doing our best work for you. The Exponential Growth It is no secret that ASC has grown immensely in the last nine months. We are thrilled that the women of Atlanta share in our desire to created lasting, meaningful relationships. Last year was all about growing ASC. We are so happy that our idea became something so amazing, so fast. Growing From Within As we enter into 2017, we realize that to maintain our vision, we need to continue to reinforce our mission. This year, we will focus our efforts on growing engagement internally in ASC. This does not mean that ASC is no longer accepting new members. However, we know you ladies are amazing and there are still so many connections that can be made through current membership. As most of you know, we both have careers outside of ASC. The responsibility to lead such an amazing group like you all has led us to bringing on a new leader. In this issue of REVEAL, we would like to introduce everyone to Alea Bennett, ASC’s Director of Brand Awareness. You can learn more about how she will help our club on page 28. New Guidelines Another change that will take effect this year is the introduction of official ASC guidelines. Most of you know what the general guidelines are. Moving forward, we will be distributing these to every member to ensure we continue to live our mission of putting Friendship First. WE Will Continue to Listen To You As always, it is our intention to act on what we believe to be the greater good of the group. Each day, we spend 16+ hours interacting with you. We are here for you! We want you to always come to us with questions, comments and concerns. What we have achieved together happened by putting the needs of the group forward in all decisions. As we continue to grow, we learn and get better for you. WHAT WE’VE ACHIEVED • Connected nearly 2,500 women from all over Atlanta • Organized social events in the newest places around Atlanta • Set up health & wellness events, such as: yoga, hikes, and barre classes • Offered opportunities to volunteer for organizations that give back to the Atlanta community • Partnered with local and global brands to raise awareness among our private club We have celebrated great success since we started, bringing women together who would have otherwise never met. We hope that you continue to engage and plug in to one of our many social outlets! And please come up and introduce yourself at the next event you attend! We love meeting you and hearing your stories! We owe our success to you all. Sincerely, Ash & Eleni Co-Founders Ash & Eleni with Alea Bennett, ASC’s Director of Brand Awareness Reveal | Q1 2017 5