REVEAL Q1 2017 - Page 29

Welcome Alea! An Interview with Alea Bennett By Ash Serrano Alea Bennett, new ASC Director of Brand Awareness, tells us what we will gain from her leadership and why engagement is crucial for 2017. Alea, you are an accomplished marketing executive. How did you get your start? Eight years ago, my mom opened a series of businesses, all of which needed marketing. I took this opportunity to teach myself the trade. After months of experimenting with different strategies, I developed a skill. At that point, several other local businesses reached out to me for consulting. How did you become involved with ASC? After moving back to Atlanta from Athens, it took me a while to reconnect both professionally and personally. A good friend of mine recommended Atlanta Social Club. After extensive research into the club, it was exactly what I was looking for. What is your favorite part of ASC? It was the philanthropic value that truly got me more deeply involved with ASC. I feel at home with a women-owned organization centered on Friendship First that gives back to the community. As the new Director of Brand Awareness, what do you define as your role? Though most may associate this title with growing brand recognition externally, my role is very much focused on internal engagement among current members and educating them on ASC’s mission and core values. Since membership grew exponentially last year, we really want to reiterate what makes ASC so special. What is the first thing you will be doing for ASC as the Director of Brand Awareness? Engagement is one of our main priorities. It is through Atlanta Social Club that I have landed contracts, found opportunities to volunteer, and made lasting relationships. It is my goal to ensure that every girl has the chance to do the same. Since ASC has grown so much, Ash and Eleni can’t possibly touch every member, even though they really want to. In late 2016, we created a team of women to act as another resource for you. We selected some of ASC’s most loyal and passionate members to join the ASC Brand Ambassador team. I will be advising that group, as well. So you will be leading the newly appointed Brand Ambassadors. What is an ASC Brand Ambassador? The ASC Brand Ambassadors are the foot soldiers for our cause. They are our mission in human form. They embody our core values and spread our mission, ensuring our brand continues to align with our motto of Happy, + Healthy + Helping. Reveal | Q1 2017 29