REVEAL Q1 2017 - Page 20

Wings! Get Wings on a First Date. Here’s Why. By Annie Lockwood That’s right. I said it. When the next person you match on Bumble asks, “So, where do you want to go?” you tell them you want drippy, spicy, delicious chicken wings. Yeah, don’t get the salad with walnuts and dried fruit. Get the badass effin’ wings that you truly want. Growing up to be a classy Southern lady, it was ingrained in me that you NEVER eat anything messy on a date! Eat your chicken wings in the privacy of your car in a dark parking lot, like a real lady! Some time ago, I was going on a lot of dates and following the “no messy food” rule. I wasn’t having fun and I certainly met a lot of guys who weren’t worth the make-up I put on. After putting up with BS for too long, I decided that if I’m still going to go on a lot of dumb dates, I might as well stop ordering cute food. No. If this dude is going to be a turd, I am at least going to get some delicious chicken wings and enjoy some of it. Sometimes, we women set up dinner or drinks with someone and start creating an image of ourselves; how we wish others would view us. We are just hoping that someone will think better of us than we think of ourselves, so we order the salad and pretend we like Reveal | Q1 2017 20