REVEAL Q1 2017 - Page 16

5 Atlanta’s Best Workouts Vibe Ride Break Through. Vibe true. If you are a cycle/spin junkie, you must add Vibe Ride to your list. This spin class involves a constant competition with yourself as well as other class members, where everyone’s stats are shown on a board in real time. This pushes riders to challenge themselves, and often the instructors will reward riders if the entire class reaches a specific level. Not only will you sweat from the warm up through the cool down, you will also be constantly entertained by the playlists -- Vibe Ride is truly known for its music. Each class has a different theme ride, such as “Hip Hop vs Pop,” “Missy Elliott and Friends” and “Rihanna vs. QueenBey.” Vibe Ride also offers “Music Video rides” where music videos are played throughout the 60-75 minutes. The videos fill the room with energy and excitement, and there is even a DJ to keep you motivated along with the instructor. In most classes everyone sings out loud as the class turns into a club-like environment. You will be so entertained you’ll forget you’re even working out, let alone burning a large number of calories. What also sets Vibe Ride apart are the dance moves on the bike which work both your arms and core. Your first class is free so check it out! Vibe Ride is located in Midtown. Reveal | Q1 2017 16