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2 Atlanta’s Best Workouts Blast Be Inspired To Take the next step SculptHouse is currently one of the most popular workouts in Atlanta, and owner Katherine Mason is the genius behind the studio. She has received many accolades locally within the Atlanta community as well as nationally, and has been named one of the “50 Hottest Female Trainers” by Shape Magazine. SculptHouse offers one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, workouts in the city, where classes are split into two 25-minute blocks. One block includes “CardioSculpt” which involves running on a Woodway Curve treadmill. The Woodway treadmill is powered manually by the user, who must use their own body strength to power the machine. These treadmills will quickly have you sweating, and are even used for training by the NFL. The second block is known as StrenghtSculpt, where you use almost every part of your body to build strength and endurance on a Megaformer machine. Used by nearly every celebrity trainers, the Megaformer, is a widely popular pilates which builds your body strength and core. The instructors take the time to get to know you, and put effort into recognizing your accomplishments and goals. After just a few classes, you will be sure to hear “Your Sculpt is Showing!” meaning your progress is noticed and visible. This workout is great for both women and men, and after you sweat it out, be sure to take a look around the boutique as they offer stylish workout attire. SculptHouse is located in Buckhead. Elevate Your Workout Blast is a boot camp-style workout which incorporates both cardio and strength training. The instructors allow you to customize the workout to fit your fitness level, making it a challenge yet attainable for everyone participating. During the 60-minute class, your time is split in half between the treadmill and the floor for strength training. The treadmill portions of class involve walking at high inclines, jogging, and sprinting. The treadmills used also have a negative incline that make you feel like you’re downhill jogging. The pace is up to you, with the instructor providing recommendations such as “walkers at 4, joggers at 6, and runners at 8.” For the strength portion of class, you are sure to feel the burn with squats, ab exercises, and the use of weighted balls, resistance bands and heavy weights. The instructors keep you motivated by encouraging you through both parts of class, playing upbeat music (think Atlanta’s very own Outkast), and helping you laugh your way through the more challenging portions. The assistant instructors replenish your water bottles, swap your towel, and will even switch out your weights so that you can make the most of your workout. Be prepared to sweat, but also have fun! Blast also offers personalized nutrition services with one of their registered dietitians. Their local studios can be found in Buckhead, Midtown, and Athens. 3 Atlanta’s Best Workouts SculptHouse Reveal | Q1 2017 14