REVEAL Q1 2017 - Page 13

1 Atlanta’s Best Workouts Stellar Bodies Get into the best shape of your life Although created from the roots of Pilates, Stellar Bodies is not your typical “Pilates” class and is an experience like nothing else. The classes involve a full-body workout, and exercises target small muscle groups that are often not used and maximize the use of one’s core. Anyone who has ever tried a class will agree; the classes are intense and enduring. Even the most fit and active people who try Stellar are often humbled -- it is challenging and will push you to work hard. Despite the fact you are not sprinting or heavy lifting, your heart rate remains increased throughout the 50-minute class, allowing you to burn more calories. The entire class is performed on a Megaformer, and the “Lagree” method is applied to strengthen, tighten and tone. If done enough times during the week, you are guaranteed to see change and results with your physique. Along with strength and toning, Stellar Bodies classes are great to improve flexibility, alignment, and posture. All of the instructors at the studios are accommodating and hands-on, and will push you to keep going when you are wanting to stop. Along with a great workout, the Stellar family has a big heart, and donates to a different charity each month. The studio sells protein bars, workout accessories and athletic attire as well. Stellar Bodies has locations in both Buckhead and Midtown. Reveal | Q1 2017 13