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Atlanta’s Best Workouts 2017 Khatira Slocumb is a Client Service Associate for a large team of Financial Advisors at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida she took the leap and moved to Atlanta two years ago to continue her career. She earned her degree in English and Communication from Florida State University and enjoys volunteering, running, and meeting new people in her spare time. Ashton Harrison is a graduate of Florida State University, majoring in Communications in addition to a Business minor. She grew up a Florida native, spending her adolescent years in Gainesville, Florida. She moved to the Atlanta area a year and a half ago, and greatly enjoys adventuring through the big city as well as trying out various fitness studios. She has been a dancer since the age of 4, and has always been very passionate about nutrition and health. Ashton’s background is in marketing and sales and she currently works as an outreach representative for Wellstar. Reveal | Q1 2017 12