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The food blogging community is also more about supporting each other than it is a competition over new restaurant scoops, and that’s been a help to too. “I’m friends with a lot of food bloggers,” Erica says. “My friends and I support each other in our endeavors, and that’s really what it’s all about.” In addition, Erica has created a strong business team, and she credits much of her brand’s growth to those talented people in her circle. Her goal is a business empire, so she’s focused on structuring a team that complements her business needs while leaving room for future growth. “When I’m adding team members, I look for someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and passionate about their skill and possesses entrepreneurial spirit,” she says. “For example, Jamie King is my photographer, and she is incredibly talented at what she does. Erica says her goal for the blog is to expand everyone’s foodie horizons, showcase talented, hard-working chefs, spotlight fabulous restaurants, introduce the latest spirits on the market and provide people with a goto guide for everything food. She crafts dining reviews, assists with restaurant promotions, and even does crafts chef interviews. (“The most surprising interview I had was with Chef Nicholas Walker. He has a contagious energy and dynamic personality; he’s so fun to be around,” she says.) Erica wants to fuse culture, nutrition and dining out together into a “ the hardest part of launching Eating with Erica was the uncertainty of not knowing whether people would be receptive to my blog. But, by far, the best part of launching was receiving the support from my family and friends to pursue. I’m so grateful and thankful for them!” Reveal | Q1 2017 10