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Additional Links and Information: Caring for Kids A website designed to provide parents with information about their child’s health and wellbeing. Developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society. Website: Parent Support Services BC - Period of Purple Crying: A way to understand your baby’s crying This website includes information on sleep, soothing, crying, protecting and info for Dads. Website: Public Health Agency of Canada Offers information on many child safety topics on its website. Use the search function to find a specific topic. Website: Safe Start An injury prevention program of BC Children’s Hospital. It provides infor- mation to parents and caregivers on how to make homes and cars safer. Website: Phone toll free: 1-888-331-8100 Shaken Baby Syndrome – HealthLink BC An easy to read fact sheet on Shaken Baby Syndrome and what to do if a baby does not stop crying. Website: Transport Canada Child Care Seat Safety Provides information on child restraints. Website: 53.htm Helpline for Children Anyone can call the Helpline for Children for help 24 hours a day, including parents who are afraid they might hurt their child or if you know a child is being abused. You can call anonymously. Phone: 310-1234 (no area code needed) 36