Rev Young Children's Directory - Page 34

Parent Self-Care You are the most important person in your child’s life.  You need to take care of yourself in order to be able to best care for your child. Consider your nutrition, sleep, and exercise needs.  Raising a child is a big job - from time to time, everybody needs help. Ask for support from family, friends, neighbours and community programs.  Many parents get support from talking to other parents. You can meet other parents at programs, workshops, library/literacy programs, parks and your faith community. Look through the Children Services Directory, visit, or call 250-805-2305 for ideas. From: Parenting: The First Years Last Forever : How you can make a difference in the life of your child Be warm, loving and responsive Respond to your child’s cues and clues Talk, read and sing to your child Establish routines and rituals Encourage safe exploration and play Make television watching selective Use discipline as an opportunity to teach Recognize that each child is unique Choose quality child care and stay involved Take care of yourself From 32 The First Years Last Forever distributed by the Canadian Institute of Child Health