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Autism Information Services British Columbia (AIS BC), is a provincial information centre for autism and related disorders that provides information and supports to families, service providers, and community professionals across B.C. AIS BC assist families by providing information, resources and training opportunities on:       Assessment and diagnosis Best pra XHX]Y[[ۜ‘YX][H\[]]\H[[‘[[[\[ٙ\[ۘ[’Y[YZ[[X\[ݚ[X[[[ B][[][]H\ܝ[\X\“X[Y[[][ۜXܛ[[K\  XYH[[Y\[Y[ \^\Y[YY\H]Z[XHHۙK[\ۋ܈H[XZ[^Z[H[Hو\XXBX]Y[[ۜ܈]]\HX[H\ܙ\[[H]Y]HH\XH\[KX]N]]\Z[˙݋˘BYH[N H  M [XZ[ [\[[ܛX][ۊN]]\R[ܛX][ې݋˘B\\H\]Z[XH]]]\Z[˙݋˘H[[\ \XX[\K\K[ \[\KܙX[[XH[[\ [XZ[ Y\Hو]]\H\XHݚY\NT݋˘B[[[[]]XX[YY[[[[]]XX[YY TӊHY\H]Z[XH\\]\X\ZYH]Z[XH[H[ݚYH\[ܛX][ۈ[\ܝ ۝XH[TӈٙXNۙN L N M͌LY\Έ L\[]K][KTӈX]N΋̋݋˘K݋۝[ X[ X[Y[^[\ZX[ šX[K]Y[X[[[ XZ][\Y][Y[ XX[ [YYŒ