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BC Early Hearing Program The BC Early Hearing Program is a province wide initiative to screen all babies for hearing loss. The goal is to have all babies born in BC screened by one month of age. Why? Because babies learn speech and language from the moment they are born. Newborn hearing tests are important for families because much can be done if hearing loss is caught early in a baby’s life. The screening is simple, safe and effective.  Soft clicking sounds are played into a baby’s ears while a computer measures the baby’s responses.  The hearing screen is usually done while the baby is sleeping or quiet. For more information on the BC Early Hearing Program contact Interior Health at: Revelstoke Public Health Unit: 250-814-2244 Revelstoke Speech-Language Clinic: 250-837-4285 ‘Lift-the-Lip’ Public Health Dental Clinic Offered at: Revelstoke Public Health Unit 1200 Newlands Road (Queen Victoria Hospital) It is important to check your baby’s teeth and start dental care early! Preventive Services for Children from 1-4 years:   Learn about early childhood cavities Learn techniques for checking and cleaning your baby’s teeth  Application of fluoride varnish (if required) early childhood cavities For more information or to book an appointment call the Public Health Dental Program at the Interior Health Toll Free Number: 1 888 824-3393 ask for dental 25