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Making Cents for Families 250-805-2305 Sharing information to help your family CBAL Revelstoke’s financial empowerment project includes working with our community to share tips, information, resources and workshops. Our goal is to help families and individuals build their knowledge about strategies, programs and benefits that can make a difference to the cost of living. Did you know that filing your taxes gives you access to benefit programs and tax credits that will save you money? Did you know there are opportunities for free money for your child’s Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) or Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)? Learn more about the :      Canada Learning Bond: for low-income families - up to $2,000 for your child’s RESP Canada Education Savings Grant: for all families - provides an additional 20% Additional Canada Education Savings Grant: for low-income families BC Training and Education Savings Program: for all families: $1200 toward RESP (Apply when your child turns 6. You must apply before your child turns 9) Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP): If you receive the Disability Tax Credit, you can open an RDSP. Government will match deposits up to $3,500 You can learn more about these programs online or by contacting CBAL, your bank, credit union or financial advisor. You can learn more about these and other tips to help your family in the Revelstoke Making Cents Guide for Families. Online at: Or pick up a copy: Room 120-1001 Mackenzie Ave (Early Years Centre) Revy Super Savers: Join our Facebook group! We are on a mission to share information on saving in Revelstoke. Members of this group are sharing their savings ideas, like price matching, finding bargains and special sales! Join the conversation and let’s save together. For more information or support, contact Koreen at 250-805-2305 or email The Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy –Revelstoke gratefully acknowledges the “Pathways out of Poverty” project partnership of the City of Revelstoke and the financial support from the Vancouver Foundation. 22