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School District #19 (Revelstoke) 501-11th Street, Revelstoke, BC Phone: (250) 837-2101 Website: information School District staff are active participants working with the local early years committee, Revelstoke preschools, and community literacy committees to help shape a community response to literacy and child development needs. What is Ready , Set , Learn? Ready, Set, Learn is an open house event to welcome parents/caregivers and their three-year-old children to a spring fair for an introduction to Kindergarten teachers, early years service providers and Early Childhood Development (ECD) community resources. Families will be invited to participate in fun activities and will receive:  A family kit with helpful tips to support preschooler’s learning and develop- ment.  Information for families from participating ECD service providers. Call 250-837-2101 for event dates Screen Smart seeks to provide media information to families. ‘Screen Smart’ is a broad based community education initiative designed to help families better understand how screen media - TV, devices, computers and the internet - may influence their lives, and suggest ways that parents and children can best manage media at home and at school. Our Goals 1. Provide parents with information on how media affects child development. 2