Reusable Packaging News September 2017 - Page 16

Axios Nabs AnotherTop-10 Customer

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Axios employs a proprietary Safe Quality Food (SQF)-certified washing process to sanitize its pallets after each use. Superior strength-to-weight ratio and advanced track-and-trace capabilities are among other features making the Axios solution an increasingly popular choice for producers of perishable goods. Axios supplies pallets and logistics to four of the five largest egg producers in the United States, and now 10 of the top 40.




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pallet rental providers, which typically own the pallets and rent them to pallet users on a per-trip or per-day basis, third party pallet management providers generally offer management support for pallet user owned pallets. They provide services such as pallet design and procurement, quality control, inventory control and management, pickup, sorting and repair, as well as relocation. (Read The Super Power of Corporate Pallet Program Management.) This observation is supported by a slide that appears in the Modern Materials Handling print article, which shows The Pallet Alliance (16%), 9Bloc (16%) and Ongweoweh (11%), leading providers of management solutions, as pallet management options being considered by readers.

Can Providers Keep Pace Through Existing Products or Is a Different Mousetrap Needed?

There are a number of factors in play that have the possibility to tip the scales in terms of pallet selection, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Drivers of change may nudge pallet users towards a new mousetrap in terms of alternative products and solutions, or existing solution providers may manage to adapt their existing pallet and service offerings to some degree, as needed, in order to keep pace with customer needs. Attention to measures such as better design and quality assurance, sensors, more efficient logistics, etc., might make the difference in terms of keeping customers happy with performance and cost. The success of providers in adapting current offerings, where the need exists, will impact the rate of loss to innovative alternative solutions.

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