Reusable Packaging News December 1, 2016


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December 2016

"Packaging is not the cost of the box," Gray stated. "It is so much more than that."

Bayonne, N.J. – Detectives from the New Jersey State Police Interstate Theft North Unit arrested Yih Tan, 38, of Staten Island, New York and Rong Wu, 41, of Brooklyn, New York for allegedly operating a theft ring that sold stolen plastics overseas.

A four-month long investigation revealed that various individuals and groups would steal plastic storage and transportation containers, commonly used by

New Jersey State Police Arrest Two Men in Connection to Plastic Theft Ring

pharmaceutical retailers, bakeries, and food distributors. They would then take the stolen plastics to the recycling facility where Tan and Wu would purchase them. It is believed that some of

(Cont'd Page 6) these individuals would then use the profits from the transactions to purchase drugs for personal use. At the facility, Tan and Wu would shred the plastics into small pieces called grinds.