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MEDIAN SALES PRICE % OF LIST PRICE RECEIVED Year over Year Comparison MEDIAN SALES PRICE PERCENT OF LIST PRICE RECEIVED the statistics over the year before...but it's still representative of a very good sign for the market. DAYS ON MARKET UNTIL SALE The reason is sort of clever, and completely understandable: while many properties sold very quickly in 2017, a good number of other properties that sold had been awaiting their turn for some time, thereby accumulating a higher-than-average days-on-market statistic with them until the time they finally sold. When we plug in all those data-points, and average them out, we come up with a slight increase in In all, our outlook and predictions for 2017 pretty much came to be, and for 2018, we are expecting more of the same positive momentum in the marketplace. It should be a solid year of sales with another nice increase in all the key metrics such as median price, number of sales, volume of sales, and maybe even that unusual uptick in the days on market statistic. Like you, we're mindful of and keeping an eye on some factors that are "larger" than our market such as tax-law changes, the political arena, and, yes, even the dreaded Weather Channel. But, despite those unknowns, we're bullish on the new year, and are excited about how we can help participants in it achieve their real estate goals.