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HOW WE ACHIEVE RESULTS OUR STAFF A shley S mith M arketing M anager C hip C ollins Owner / Broker-in-Charge In 1992, just a year out of Denison University, Chip followed the popular Ohio-to-Hilton Head Island route and jumped off the corporate ladder, taking a chance at something more entrepreneurial in one of the most special places in the United States - South Carolina’s beautiful Lowcountry. After four years in villa/association property management, Chip got his bearings in the real estate market and secured his Broker’s license in 1996, spending the next six years as a top producing agent in the market with Sea Pines Real Estate Co. In 2002, he launched his own independent real estate brokerage firm - Collins Group Realty. In 2017, celebrating 15 successful years in business, CGR continues to be a top 10 producing firm in the Hilton Head Island and mainland marketplace. Along with his wife, Carrie, and daughters, Martha Preston and Sallie, Chip lives in Sea Pines Plantation and enjoys boating, home improvement projects, and quality time with his girls. Over the past few years, Chip has earned his stripes as an amateur triathlete, competing in local and regional events around the Southeast, including recent participation in the Ironman Florida and Ironman Louisville 140.6 mile events, as well as, back-to-back Boston Marathons. As the owner, broker-in-charge and Hilton Head Island listing specialist of Collins Group Realty, Chip maintains a commitment to excellence throughout the Group and ensures the best experience we can offer our valued real estate clients. Ashley creates and manages all CGR marketing, strategically implementing campaigns for property listings across var W0GfW'F6rB66Ff&2ढVƖR2חFP2ƖVB26W&vPVƖR7G22Ɩ6vF6ƖVG0FV7W&RFBV&W2VVG0BWV7FF2&RWBvFW6WF6֗GFVBF6W'f6RBvff27FV2vW FvV7W&W2FB4u"W&FW0BFRvW7BWfVbVff6V7@&GV7FvF&Vv&BFFRFW7@FV6wf&F77FV26ƖVB&6W76W2BFVv&frB""'V"VfgFff6RvW F"&fFW26&VV6fP7W'BFW"Bff6PBv&2vFW"&VfgF7V6Ɨ7G2FvRBƗ7Fw226FrV"BWfVVBvW 6&fFW2W7G&FVv0Gf6Rf"vV"6Fr@FWfVVBV7W&rW 6ƖVN( 2&W'FW2v&W 7V'7FFƖR&W6V6R2'&R2Ɩ0FW&"2Fvr2V6Ɨ7@6'&R&fFW2FW&"7FvpGf6RB6'FR6W'f6W2FV7W&R&W'FW2&R&W6VFV@FR&W7BƖvBf"Fw&0B6vw266Ɩ27VrBFR6Ɩ2w&W&VG6VGfV6P&&&7WGFr6W&V