Resources - Page 12

This resource was funded through the City of Whittlesea’s Community Development Grants and the Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust. This brochure was produced by a group of women of diverse backgrounds living in the Whittlesea LGA as part of the Whittlesea CALD Communities Family Violence Project. For more information about the project please contact 03 9401 6666 or see With thanks to: Whittlesea Community Connections, The Salvation Army, Berry Street, Victoria Police, City of Whittlesea, InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence, Whittlesea Community Futures, Plenty Valley Community Health, Kildonan Uniting Care. We thank Women’s Health West for allowing us to take inspiration for this resource from their excellent publication ‘Violence is Unacceptable in Any Culture’ developed as part of the ‘Our Community Our Rights’ Project.