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Hello… from the editor Do you consider yourself a creative person? Hopefully after a good read of this edition of Resonate you will recognise that you are (no matter when you last picked up a paintbrush!). This edition explores the many and varied expressions of our God-given creativity. From problem solving and innovation to writing and using our imaginations, creativity is so much more than just the arts. Creativity and doing things differently are essential to cross- cultural mission and effective ministry locally. While we hold tightly to the core of the Gospel, we hold loosely, or even let fall, all the other ‘stuff’ and qualifying measures that may form barriers around the Gospel. Among many of the communities our teams serve, people perceive Christianity to be tied to particular clothes, music, language and styles of worship. All this other ‘stuff’, separate to the core of the Gospel, are not compatible with their own culture, so most are not able to see how they can follow Jesus and remain within their community. Think of the community you live in, is the story so different within your context? Globally and locally, effective sharing of the Gospel requires people and faith communities to creatively respond to the context of those they are engaging with. In her article ‘Created to be Creative’, Sue Tanner explores this idea, challenges us to break creativity out of the box we have put it in and live our lives as people created in the image of a creative God… all of us. Also in this edition, we continue to adventure with Craig and Kim Barnes who are finding their feet in Cambodia after arriving six months ago, and Dan McGrechan, WA State Director, offers some answers to the question of why God pushes us to take risks and try new things. Plus… for those of you not sure how to start embracing your creative DNA, check out the simple guide to creative thinking on page 9. A big thank you to everyone who responded to the Resonate survey (and a shout out to the person who let us know they only filled out the survey because they were procrastinating exam study ). Honestly, we are blown away by your positive response to the publication and your genuine engagement with the issues, ideas and stories that have been covered over the years through Resonate. Take a look at the survey responses on pages 7-8 to see how you compare to the average Resonate reader and get a special sneak peak on 'The Next Step' for Resonate and how you can be involved. The following pages are filled with contributions from people living out their faith and expressing their God-given creativity in all different ways and in varied mission, ministry and life contexts. So be inspired! TEAGAN resonate · issue 32 · page 1