Resonate Edition 29 - Page 15

Last year Global Interaction, with the support of Baptist Financial Services, launched its first discipleship App called Ekteino. Mary Ackers, Youth and Young Adults Pastor at Salisbury Baptist Church took up the four week challenge to stretch out (that’s kinda what Ekteino means) – to impact her world and the people around her for good. So let’s find out how the stretching went… What did you like about Ekteino? How has it impacted you? Ekteino had a definite purpose going through the daily challenges. It really felt like a journey of discovery! I also loved that it was relevant to local and global mission. Regardless of where your passion for missional activity lies, there is something for everyone in this journey. In the past, when I’ve thought about ways to ‘stretch-out’ into my community, it’s felt like a huge challenge and at times has been overwhelming. Going through Ekteino gave focus and direction to my thoughts and I felt much more encouraged about the number of missional opportunities already in my community. I’ve really begun to think differently but also listen to God’s leading. I now do a lot more noticing and thinking about what was happening around me and less getting caught up in my own head. It has been encouraging and eye-opening. I also liked the look and feel of the app. I could take notes and save them for future reference and I enjoyed the other media (stories, videos, etc.) that gave insight into the concepts explored. What surprised you? I was pleasantly surprised by how much I got out of the daily challenges. I sometimes struggle with daily devotionals, as they can be anecdotal and superficial, but with Ekteino it was different. A Bible reading with both active and reflective responses fit the bill for a daily Bible time for me. Take Global Interaction’s Ekteino challenge! Over four weeks, discover more about God, His plans and how you can partner with Him in our world through intentional action and reflection. Download from your favourite App store (yep, it’s free!). Ekteino has given me some great tools and strategies for engaging with my neighbours and seeking out ways to stretch out into the world around me. This was really one of the most engaging devotion-type exercises I’ve done and I really enjoyed it! I only wish there was more! resonate · issue 29 · page 15