Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 75

COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT AFFILIATES THE DEVELOPER INDUSTRY NEWS CONTACT ARABELLA COUNTRY ESTATE We see the major benefits of digitisation and disruption in partnerships and the sharing economy. Shared knowledge and experience, coupled with collaboration, are opening the doors of our once private estates and assisting us in building a global community. On the flip side, communities are now open to scrutiny and publicity. Bad news can spread like wildfire and this content is always available, always online and will always come up when someone searches for an estate by name and / or its lifestyle offerings. So, what can an estate do? Start by managing your online reputation by creating and distributing the estate and brand-relevant content. Partner with relevant sources to share your media, and participate in others’ shared media within your environment. Online reputation management and control over your estate’s online information and public relations is a vital element to the management of your development, and its value. The reputation and persona of an estate can only be experienced through that which has been made available, and to many, especially the foreign investor market and buyers from other regions, the internet, Google and social media are the only access points for the market. To help address this, we decided to build the solution. When Estate Living manages your estate online, we create a positive representation and estate profile at the global website Positive stories and articles are regularly communicated and shared about your community, relevant to key words such as ‘security estate’ and other key phrases being searched on the internet. Your estate and your experiences are shared within this highly relevant, highly effective environment that is easy to access and easy to share. If content is king online, think of experience as the castle. Digitise your message, and exponentially share your experiences. Take advantage of the sharing economy by saving time and resources, opening access to your environment for fair opportunity, and joining the global community of Estate Living. Trust Estate Living, the residential estate experts, to share your value with the world. Jaimé-Lee Gardner EST ATE LIVI NG Without having been at your estate and experiencing the professionalism of your security, staff or management, assumptions and perceptions are controlled by what is available in the media and online. Market perception has a direct effect on the value of properties, and even the perception of current residents and homeowners, yet is hardly a line-item in the operational budgets of most communities. It’s a worrying statistic that 70 percent of estate managers manage their own marketing and that most believe that their website is all that is needed for good marketing. But what is driving people to your website? The major problems we have identified are the lack of know-how, time management and budget. RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRY JOURNAL Inno v thro ation E ugh LEVAT ION PAGE 73