Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 74

COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT HOME ESTATE LIVING ABOUT ESTATES EXPERIENCES ARE THE CURRENCY OF THE FUTURE. AND THE FUTURE IS NOW. DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND THE DIGITAL SHARING ECONOMY ARE WHAT’S ON EVERYONE’S LIPS RIGHT NOW. COUPLED WITH CRYPTOCURRENCIES AND THE NEED FOR A BUSINESS TO FUTURE PROOF AGAINST POSSIBLE EVENTUALITIES, IT HAS ALL THE MAKINGS OF A SCI-FI MOVIE. SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR MARKETING, MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION, AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR AN ESTATE’S POSITION IN A DIGITAL ECONOMY WHERE EXPERIENCES ARE THE LARGEST ASSET? “The Six Ds of Disruption are a chain reaction of technological progression, a road map of rapid development that always leads to enormous upheaval and opportunity,” says Peter Diamandis, founder of the Singularity University. “Technology is disrupting traditional industrial processes, and they’re never going back.” We live in incredible [Y\ˈ]][HؙH[[[[[]\X[ݚY\[Y\[][X][ۂ[ۛYH\H]\]Z[XHۈ[^\ۛXYQH ̂\ܛXHZ\XH[^^H\XX[X[\[H^و\ܝ\[ۋ\H\BY]\][ۋX\[ۋ\ܝ\[ۋ[[ۙ]\][ۋ[X]\X[\][ۋ[[[ܘ]\][ۋ[YX[H[΂(8(Y]\][ۈ\[][]XY\Y]\Y[Y\H[YH^ۙ[X[ܛ\\][˂Y][[ܛX][ۈ\X\HX\\H[\X]K(8(X\[ۈ]^ۙ[X[[X۸&]Y[Hܛ\H\]\ Y]^ۙ[X[ܛX[H\ۘH]XZH[X\[[ [[[XK[]XY\Hݙ\[YK(8(\ܝ\[ۈ[Y][XY\]\ܛH[YX][\[ XZ[Y][ۘ[[[˂(8([[ۙ]\][ۈYX[[ۙ^H\]ZXH[[ݙYHH\]X][ۈ\XHXZ\]\][˜X\\܈[[YK(8([X]\X[\][ۈ\\]\[[[ݙ\\X[XHH\]X][ۋ(8([[ܘ]\][ۈ[[ܙH[H]HX\] [\[XY\\Hۙ\ۛB܈ݙ\Y[\Hܙ[\][ۜ܈HX[K]X\ˈH[XH\YXX[[[Y[K]H YH\[\\\ܝ\[][B\[XY\]\HۘHۛH]Z[XH\ܝ\Y YH\[HY][ۘ[^HH\[\šYHܙ[\][ۜ[ݙ\Y[\HXZ[܈\]H\ ܈\ HY[X[Y[Z\[ [ܙHX\XH[YܙXH[Y]\][ۋX\][[YYXK