Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 72

COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITHIN ESTATE COMMUNITIES SAN LAMEER THE WORD ‘COMMUNITY’ HAS MANY DEFINITIONS; HOWEVER, WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE RESIDENTIAL ESTATE COMMUNITIES, THE FOLLOWING SEEMS AN IDEAL FIT: ‘AN INTERACTING GROUP OF PEOPLE WITH SIMILAR CHARACTERISTICS AND INTERESTS, RESIDING IN A COMMON GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION’. or groups within our community.A thriving estate service providers such as security, estate community consists of many different maintenance, registered estate agents and stakeholders and role players, including the various facilities and amenities offered Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs), residents, within the estate community, such as managing agents and service providers, to restaurants, the clubhouse and the gym. We are more connected now than ever accepted means of communication, it also Where you have an organised group of people, before in our history, with a wide variety of has several inherent limitations. such as a residential estate community, co-existing within a common environment according to certain agreed guidelines, effective and efficient communication is essential. New technologies and digital innovations are, at breakneck speed, disrupting many of our old ways of doing thi ̸!ݕٕȰ)ѡͥɕэȁɕձЁՅ)ɕ́ѡͅLݔ݅ЁѼЁɽ)Ѽȁɍ͔ѥձȁѕ)ѡ͔́չєݥѠ٥Յ)A)ЁܸɅ)хєչ䁹́ѼͥȁݼUՅѡ͔չѥ́)ɽ́չѥLѕɹѡɽ՝ѥѕɹ)ѕɹչѥ̸х͔ͽɴ͕٥)ݡѡٕ́́Ёݥ)хչѥ͵́Ё)ͅQՕѥ́܁хѕ́ѕȁѥ́Ѽɕє)ЁٕɅхمхѡ͔хєչѥѡɴ)ѕ́Ѽ᥵͔ѡȁѥٕ́ѕչхQ)ɽ́ѡ͔ݼɽչѥʹɽ٥́хєɅѽ̰)̸ɕͥ́ѡȁх́ݥѠ)͕ɔͥ䁅ͥչѥ)!ɔɔݼѥ́Ѽͥ)̰ݡ䁥Ցѡݥ)%ѕɹ չѥ)Q͔)Ց))٥ɽЁ́ݕ́Ёѡ))ݕ)չѥ́ɽѼݕ)!=̰́ɕͥ(ݹ́ѕ̤́ݕ́ݥѠ+Iѥхєչѥ+ɕЁѥѥ́٥M5L)+ɅѕɕЁɽյ