Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 66

INTERNET OF THINGS ANSWERING YOUR FIBRE QUESTIONS Although the uptake of fibre in residential communities has rapidly progressed, there are still a few burning questions in the industry around aspects of the offerings and deployment. Estate Living sheds some light on the matter with Frans Verwoerd - General Manager at FibreSuburbs Network. Q: What makes up a fibre network? A: A fibre network is made up of several components but there are basically four categories: Q: What services can run on a fibre network? A: A fibre network must be open access, meaning that multiple service providers, and not just internet service providers, can provide services. For example, a single house can get internet from their favourite ISP, telephone services from a telco, video streaming via a video streaming service such as Google TV or Netflix, and can have a security system which is monitored by an offsite service provider. This means there are four services on one fibre network. • • The Access Network (or Last Mile) is the fibre that gets laid in a suburb or gated community. On greenfield developments, it is ideal that this infrastructure be installed by the developer while this can consist of cable trays or conduit in units. • • The Home Drop is the section of fibre connecting a living unit (house/ apartment/ townhouse) to the access network. • • The Backhaul, which is the fibre, sometimes kilometres of it, which connects the access network to a peering datacentre where various ISPs and other service providers connect to the network. • • Active Electronic Equipment or Headends are located at network rooms or central [و\[H  H\HH]HYۘ[\[XY[HXK[HXH\Z[][ۈ[] ӕ ӕK”]\H[[Y[HXܚX\&\\KNH\H[[[ܙH[[ܙH]ۘHHY[ۙ\\ۛXYZ\\[\]\]XX[H\\ܝHYYوXH܈H[H\]Z\YXX\وHYKH\\”NH\]X\HوHXH]ܚ\^K]\HYBوH^H\ۙ[]XZH\HX\ٝ[]ܚN\H[\Y[\HZ[XYH[Y]\X\[X\N\][H[[Y\[ڙX \ۙ[]\BۜY\YXZH\HX\ٝ[]ܚˈ\KH]ܚ›]\HYX]KZ[[HXH]ܚ\H\H[\Y[[\Xܝ ]\H][ۙ]\HYY˜H][X]Y \[^[\K]X^HH]XX\\\Bݙ\XYY]Y\[XHXK]\Y]YYY[\XZ[[[H[\\\ۈH[ܙH^[]B[Y\YY]و[[˂XZ[Z[X[]H[[XX[]H\H[[\ܝ[ XH\]Z\Y[۝Z[[\\\\H[]]HXZ][HY \]X[]HYۘ[ [\YܙH\]Z\\[[][ۈH]X[YYYXXX[ˈ][›YYH\H\Y[\][ۘ[[\[\B[Y܈]\HXZ[[[H\\˂K]X\H]Z[XHۈHX\][YXB[[XY\[[[[HXHXONۙHوHY\[[\܈[]ܚۙ\\œYXHHYH ۙH^][X[HX\]\˜HKXۛXYXH]\]Z\\XHXXX[[[H[[Y\\وHVH] QH K[ZH ܈KKQHݙ\YH\\H\]Y[H]\›[]]HX[[ۘܙ]Hܜ[ \[\KQB\X]\[\[H^[\\H]Z[XK]]H[Z]YX\ˈ]\[\Y\XH\XZ[\^[]K]܈H\\\HۙH܈وH]\[ܝ˜[\XH[Y][ۘ[KQH[[[Y[\X\]܈ݙ\YKK]\H]\HوXO]][\\[\X\K[]\K][\[YYܚ]XH\[Y\XZH\H^HݚYB[\X\H[X\[Y\[[[XHXZH]X\\Z[[YXHݙ\[\^ \YZ[[YXB[۝H]Z[X[]H H^]H[H[Xۙ\B]Y\[ۜX]K[[Y[Y[Hݙ\Y Y[Hݙ\Y K]\HUPXTX\]ܚٙ\[KXTX\]ܚ\\ܚX[HY[ܚ[]][\˜[\][]Z[[[ܙH[[H\X\ˈ[B [][\H\X\[۝[YKHٙ\[\[\[›ۈY Y[]H\SHܛ\][Y[\H][Y]\\H\H[YHYY\[[ܙHYY[\]H[][]Y\˂˘]X˘˞